frequently asked questions...

here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Unfortunately not! You would have to rebook another CBT at the cost of £150.00 and you will not be able to receive a refund. This is because we have a lot of organising to do for each person to take their CBT.

Yes you can use your own bike if you wish, however it will need to have “L” Plates on the front and back and be fit for the road.

CBT Costs £160.00

Our records show we have an extremely high 1st time pass rate, so your chances are very good.

CBT Training takes 1 day to complete and starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm.

We do prefer you to have your own helmet, jackets and gloves because of recent events, quite clearly it is more hygenic especially with the helmet as it does need to be correctly fitted to your head.

Unfortunately due to the danger involved in learning to ride, we cannot accept anyone that does not clearly understand English, this is because our instrutors only speak English and all of the written signs are in English, so it would be too much of a risk to our instructors and you.

The Big Bike Licence costs £900 – £960

Unfortunately not.

If you fail the MOD 1, you will have to retake it as you are not allowed to complete MOD 2 until you have passed MOD 1.

The cost of the MOD 1 retest is £60.00

The cost of the MOD 2 retest is £130.00

Of course if it is the MOD 1 you fail then we will do another session at the MMA and if it’s MOD 2 that you fail then another session is added.

That is no problem at all, we provide another day of CBT free of charge as soon as bookings allow.

We provide free taster sessions before you decide to book to help build your confidence.

Unfortunately if you decide to withdraw from our services, any money paid will be lost as we do not offer refunds.

Yes we have a wonderful unisex Portaloo which is kept clean at all times.

Yes there is Taddies Barn, a Cafe & a Shop 300 metres down the road.

Depending on the severity of the weather, a shower means getting wet or you can bring waterproof clothing, but extreme weather conditions will be assesed by the instructor on the day, and may be rescheduled if absolutely necessary.


Yes you can but be aware these are payable up front in full and if the person you buy them from doesn’t like it and wants to get a refund, please be aware we do not refund.

Please call us to advise and we will move your training date to another time.