CBT Training Course

compulsory Basic training (cbt)

The 1-day training course starts at 9 am. Please arrive up to 15 minutes before this time. The course time can vary depending on the students each day as everybody learns at different speeds. For this reason, the finish time can be anywhere between 3.30 pm and 5 pm.

Please bring your photo card licence with you. CBT cannot commence until the licence has been checked. You will also need a packed lunch and to wear suitable clothing. Helmets, jackets, and gloves can be provided but bring your own if you already have them and please wear suitable clothing. I.E. Jeans instead of jogging bottoms, cut downs, or shorts.

Should the CBT not be completed in one day, we will continue your training at a later date Free Of Charge

things to think about...

We highly recommend that you think about what you are about to undertake, consider the equipment you are going to need to wear whilst completing your CBT training. Also how well do you know the Highway Code?